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The Still Life


Giuseppe Recco 1634-1695


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SL of a catstealing quid

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wiolliam cleascz heda  S L, 1634Related image


 vanitas still life | vanitas new gula gluttony 02 by markscheider photography still life

COLIsHA, Matt 

Mat Collishaw :: Natura Morte - In the Vanitas tradition.
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Slezhana , Slavova  russian S L wih samovar
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 David Ligare S L with lemons

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Roy Lichtenstein  Still Life with Palette 1972

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                                      THE ARTIST at the TABLE with a Still life

  When first I began this project, Food in the Arts in 2001,  I went straight to our local library and checked out  Sybillee Ebert-Schifferer's Still Life: A History (1999). It seemed a reliable place to start, and it was, but I was more interested in 20th and 21st century still life pieces that had evolved from this 18th century genre. Later, I read with interest an admiration Kenneth Bendiner's excellent Food in Painting ((Reaktion, 2004), which clearly presents a scholarly sweep of all genres from the Renaissance up to the end of the twentieth century.

 John Chamberlain, (b. 1911-1927, Rochester, Indiana),1961
(Metal car parts, re-purposed)

This 20th century image could be one kind of still life. It connotes a car wreck due to alcohol consumption.

Janine Antoni   Chocolate Gnaw and Lard, 1992
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The pieces are actually gnawed by the artist. She calls them "installations."

Fred Bell    Afternoon Still Life, 2011

Richard Diebenkorn  Knife in a Glass

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picasso Image result for picasso still lifes
1945 still life with skull, leeks, and Pitcher  
Gerald Murphy   CocktailImage result for gerald murphy cocktail

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Georges Braque  Baluster and skull 1932

Joan Miro S L with Rose, 1916

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below:still Life with Rabbit, 1920

william scott
still life with lemons onb a plate
William Scott, Still Life - Lemons on a Plate, 1948

sir william scott gray till lofSie

     Still Life PhotographyWilliam Scott, Grey Still LIfe    Related image
The Demanding Art Of Still Life Photography – 25 New Photos
Still life conceptual photog

Related image

       Max Beckman The Ice Man
 Mx BVeckman he ice man

Ferdinand Botero Kitchen Table

Related image Paul Wonner (1920-2008) Study for Still Life and American Writers, 1958

Still Life - Paul WonnerArtist: Paul Wonner, Title: Study for Still Life with Flowers and American Writers

Tom Wesselmann  Still Life #30 (Refrigerator), 1963

 Jennifer Rubell
Food writer turned conceptual artist Jennifer Rubell creates whimsical culinary installations using food as an integral art medium. Whether it’s padding a room with 1,600 cones of pink cotton candy, hanging 1,521 doughnuts in a grid formation at the perfect tilt or presenting guests with 2,ooo lbs. of BBQ ribs, Rubell’s large-scale interactive installations are fascinating food art. The best part: guests 
are invited to interact (i.e. eat) the sculpture/
 Image result for jennifer rubel art installationsJennifer Rubell  Breakfast
from her exhibit FAITH.
 Visitors are encouraged eat the art during the installation.
Jennifer Rubell installation  And in the 1970s, interactive art

Ai wei wei (b. China)   

Vanitas 1552

1552 vantas

A vanitas painting contains collections of objects symbolic of the inevitability of death and the transience and vanity of earthly achievements and pleasures; it exhorts the viewer to consider mortality and to repent.Oct 25, 2015

Pet Aertsen vanitas with house martha mary 1552File:Pieter Aertsen - Christ with Mary and Martha - Google Art Project.jpg

A vanitas painting contains collections of objects symbolic of the inevitability of death and the transience and vanity of earthly achievements and pleasures; it exhorts the viewer to consider mortality and to repent.Oct 25, 2015

 Raphael Peale (b. Annapolis, MD, the United Colonies,  1774-1825, America) Still life with Raisin Cake, 1813

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Still Life with Watermelon, 1813 

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Raphael Peale is considered to be the father of American art.


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The Charles Willson Peale family in 1773

Charles Willson Peale, The Peale Family, 1773
Charles Wilson Peale (b. 17451-18q27
Still Life with Cake, 1816
Charles Wilson Peale (1741- 1827)
He was the farther of Raphael and other siblings 

The youngest daughter of the American painter James Peale, Sarah Miriam Peale was considered the leading portrait painter in Baltimore and St. Louis during the mid-19th century.

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Margeretta Angelica Peale (1795-18820   Image result for charles willson peale balsam apples
 Still Life melon and peaches. 1828

Charles Willson Peale  Still Life with Fruit

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Le Panier de fraises des bois, Strawberries
Chardin, Jean Baptiste Siméon,Le panier de fraises des bois - Chardin

N. C. Wyeth, Still Life with Pipe, 1910

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Peter  Claesz  (b.1584-1657)  Still Life with a Basket of Cheese, 1624

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Jan Van Kessel  Vanitas Still Life (with watch), c. painting. 

Clara Peeters  (b. 1584-1657) Still Life with a Tart, roast chicken, bread, rice and olives, 1607-1621Related imageStill life with a tart, roast chicken, bread, rice and olives

Luis Melendez STILL LIFE (Using SL in all the following examples