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"Do you mind eating while I smoke": Food in Pornography

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Dieter Roth, Banana Peel Under Glass,  1991
Dealing with the phenomenon of Death and Decay

Carl Marcucci, From the Banana Factory
Commenting on the chemical contamination of foods, the price we pay for wanting food the appears fresh and perfect

  Below:  Robert Mapplethorpe (b.1946 -1989), Banana, 1985  

In his photographic work, Mapplethorpe strove to present 
images that many would conceal.  If you consider a banana suggestive of sex, you are stating your need to hide certain aspects of life that are harmless and find them dangerous.  Mapplethorpe considered them natural, therefore acceptable. His photo technique is never faulted.

By contrast, below right:  Robert Mapplethorpe's Controversial 'Man in Polyester Suit', 1980-81

                                                                           Robert Mapplethorpe, Aubergine  

A Historical Note:
  In 1920, psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud supposedly made the following remark, "Gentlemen, a cigar is sometimes just just a cigar."
 Above right: “Man in Polyester Suit,” a black-and-white image from 1980 depicting a black man wearing a three-piece suit, with his penis exposed, was estimated at $250,000 to $350,000.
In 1922 “The International Journal of Psycho-Analysis” published an article about the symbolism of cigarettes, cigars, and pipes by Eric Hiller. The article made clear that the phallic symbolism of smoking was established by the 1920s. The cover page of the journal proudly displayed its connection to the founder of psychoanalysis with the statement “Directed by Sigmund Freud” [IJPA]. 


Does any of this discourse apply to art?  Film, Performance Art, Photography?

   In the opening scene of the 1973 porn film, "Behind the Green Door" (1972), the viewer sees an enormous red neon sign announcing "EAT", which, turns out to be a roadside advertisement for a nearby diner. We then join two two drivers and a cook, and it is among the three men sitting at the counter that this pioneering film story unfolds.The film was written and directed by Gerard Dammiano, though it is also generally believed to be a story by an anonymous author at an earlier date. I think that may be true because I read a typed copy in 1950. Steamy!

Picturing a group gathering over food and a narrative is very old. It is Chaucerian 

"Do you mind eating while I smoke?"

     The title of this blog post is this famous and long-remembered question posed in "Deep Throat"  by adult film star "Linda Lovelace (aka Linda Susan Boreman) or her co-actress, Dolly Sharp. "Eating", of course, is slang for cunnilingus.

     The scene is a modern kitchen in which Sharps is being serviced by a typical Los Angeles stock character, the Mexican pool boy, who will do anything in exchange for an unlimited number of Oreo cookies. Dolly perches on a kitchen counter, relaxing with a cigarette and the joys of expert cunnilingus.
                                  Achille Deverea (b. February 6, 1800, Paris - 1857)  Cunnilingus
                                 French painter known for his images of sexual acts. The work is not                                                                                      illicit or  evil.  It is erotic.  It is French.

     If this is porn, French artists disagree, as does the Tao. Cunnilingus is accorded a revered place in Taoism. This is because the practice was believed to achieve longevity, and the loss of semen, vaginal, and other bodily liquids is believed to bring about a corresponding loss of vitality. Conversely, by either semen retention or ingesting the secretions from the vagina, a male or female can conserve and increase his/her ch'i, or original vital breath [Wikipedia]


Early reference to food

The Odyssey is not normally described as an “eating poem,”but there is temptation at every side and 

  Similarly, Ernest Hemingway's famous short story, "The Killers," (Scribner's magazine, 1927) takes place entirely in a diner that becomes the peerformance local

  situated in a small, out-of-the way Midwestern town. A good place for an out-of- luck boxer to hide out from the mob. Or, so it seems. 

a lot of oxen are devoured

Temptation in the Odyssy
Danni O'Laoire has write a critical review of these "weaknesses" or

Types of Temptation
Glory or Pride
Oblivion or laziness.

Sex as a temptation is represented by seductresses such as Circe who delays Odysseus and his crew; Penelope, who represents the temptation which leads the suitors astray; and the suitors themselves represent temptation to Melantho and the other servant girls.

Homer uses sex to say that, as always , succumbing to temptation will be punished but also to suggest that sex and loyalty are tied ( particularly in women). A prime example is the story of Circe whose allegiance must be won through sex.
Oblivion Or Laziness
The lotus eaters represent the temptation for Odysseus and his crew to abandon their journey and lose themselves in blissful oblivion. The lotus eaters tempt people to simply stop and avoid the tribulations they would face to reach home.
This frivolous existence is not without consequences as the suitors fate illustrates. Many of the suitors have no real hope of marrying Penelope and yet continue to hang around enjoying the property of others like parasites. They have succumbed to the temptation of oblivion and this is another of the reasons Homer gives us for why they deserve their fate.

Food is a recurring temptation, particularly for Odysseus crew
Slaughter of the Helios Flock.
This was done as part of a ritual but it failed to please the gods, showing that while food had cultural significance in ritual,the failure to resist temptation is a greater sin.

Food is also one of the ways the suitors are shown to be horrible
The way the suitors consume food that is not theirs.
The suitors abuse of
through their lack of restraint in devouring food is one of the reasons they deserve their fate.
Summative Classics Tutorial
Temptation in the Odyssey
a strong urge or desire to have or do something or
something that causes a strong urge or desire to have or do something and especially something that is bad, wrong, or unwise
"Temptation." Merriam-Webster,
n.d. Web. 28 Aug. 2014. .
SparkNotes: The Odyssey: Themes, Motifs & Symbols. 2014. SparkNotes: The Odyssey: Themes, Motifs & Symbols. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 19 August 2014].
Food Imagery and Temptation in The Odyssey. 2014. Food Imagery and Temptation in The Odyssey. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 19 August 2014]., (2014). How is Homers Odyssey a Story of Temptation by Heather Howe | Humanities 360 . [online] Available at: [Accessed 12 Sep. 2014]
Yakas, G 2014, The Odyssey, Handout, Stage 2 Classical Studies, Woodville High School, delivered 12 September 2014..
Homer,2008, The Odyssey, trans. W Shewring, Oxford World CLassics, New York.
Temptation is....
Merriam Webster n.d.
...Zeus thundered and hurled his lightening bolt into the ship;struck by the bolt, she whirled round and was filled with sulfur; my comrades were flung overboard. Round the vessel they floated like sea-crows on the waves; the god forbade their returning home. 12. 411-415
"...while they consume scot-free these goods that are not their own..." 1. 157-158
"...they slaughter my sheep and oxen and fatted goats; they make merry here, they selfishly drink the glowing wine, and thus abundance of things is wasted." 2. 65-67
"So the suitors will not cease devouring your substance and possessions as long as she keeps the frame of mind that the gods are fostering in her now 2.122-124.
Glory and Pride
What Is Homer Telling Us?
The Lotus Eaters
The Suitors Laziness
Odysseus's struggle with the pursuit of k
is the area in which he grows most within the text. His troubles begin when he fails to resist the temptation to gain
from his victory against the giants.
From there he grows in wisdom so that when he faces the temptation of k
again in the form of the sirens, who sing of your greatest accomplishments, he has the foresight to stop himself and his men from succumbing to the temptation to stop and listen.
In the final books of
The Odyssey
, Odysseus's new restraint is tested most sorely. As he masquerades as a beggar he suffers many insults from the suitors and others, his ability to restrain himself in these circumstances allows him to achieve his goal of killing the suitors.
The Cyclops
The Sirens
The Suitors and the Goatherd
Homer suggests that the ability to resist temptation is highly valued in Ancient Greek society , he does this through the punishment of those who succumb to temptation and the rewards for those who resist it.
The different types of temptation which Homer uses also give us insight into what the Ancient Greeks found tempting.
"The great island chieftains Dulichium, in Same, in forested Zacynthus, and those who are princes in craggy Ithaca - they have all of them come to woo my mother, and they are devouring my inheritance." 1.149,152

"As for the men, their limbs failed them where they stood; their hearts were transported with desire, and they voiced a prayer, everyone of them, to share her bed and lie beside her." 18. 209-211
"They undid the bag, the winds rushed out all together, and in a moment a tempest had seized my crew and was driving them - now all in tears - back out to the open sea and away from home."10. 47-50
"So every day, till the year's end, we sat there feasting on plenteous meat and delicious wine" 10. 505 - 507

" At this you must let her have her way; she is a goddess; accept her bed, so that she may release your comrades and make you her cherished guest. But first, make her swear the great oath of the Blessed Ones to plot no mischief to you thenceforward - if not, while you lie naked there, she may rob you of courage and of manhood." 10. 293 - 298

"Friends, in our ship we have food and drink enough. Let us keep our hands from the cows and fat sheep, belong to a dread divinity, the sun-god, who sees all things and hears all things." 12. 321 - 324

"Enough! Let us carry off the best of the sun-god's cattle and give them in sacrifice to the deathless ones whose home is wide heaven."12. 343 - 345
The Slaughter Of Helio's Flock
"Those of my men who ate the honey-sweet lotus fruit had no desire to retrace their steps and come back with news; their only wish was to linger there with the Lotus-Eaters, to feed on the fruit and put aside all thought of a voyage home."9. 139-142
"It was Aegisthus and my accursed wife who plotted death and destruction for me."11. 452-453
"One of them mocked him insultingly. This was the lovely-cheeked Melantho. Dolius was her father, but Penelope had brought her up, cherishing her like her own daughter and giving her toys for her delight. Yet despite all this the girl's heart was without compassion for Penelope, and she was mistress and bedfellows to Eurymachus." 18. 368-373
"If your hearts reproach you now, leave my halls and look for your feasts elsewhere, changing from house to house to consume possessions which are your own. But if to yourselves it seems a better thing, a more desirable thing, to waste one mans substance substance and go scot-free... you will perish in these same halls and it is I who will go scot-free." 2. 136-144
"And so he spoke, and aimed the keen arrow at Antonius." 22.7.
"Cyclops, if anyone among mortal men should ask who put out your eye in this ugly fashion, say that the one who blinded you was Odysseus the city-stacker, son of Laertes and dweller in Ithaca" 4.500-503
"So they sang with their lovely voices, and my heart was eager to listen still... Eurylochus and Perimedes quickly stood up and bound me with yet more ropes and with firmer hold. 12.187-191
"So he taunted the beggar; and as he passed him- such was his folly- he kicked him on the hip... Odysseus remained there firm enough; only to he wondered whether to leap upon the fellow and dash the life out of him... Nevertheless he mastered himself and checked the impulse. 17.228-234.
"And with these words he seized the stool and hurled it at Odysseus...He stood there still, firm as a rock; he only shook his head and brooded evil in his heart."17.460-464
"Eurymachus spoke first to the rest, mocking Odysseus and rousing laughter among his friends" 18.341-342.
The Bag Of Winds
The Suitors
(The beginning of the slaughter of the Suitors, in Homer's world a justifiable homicide because of their abuse of
Full transcript
sensual intimacy and awakening o all senses

Like Water for Chocolate

Nine and a Half Weeks" 
   Mickey Rourke woos Kim Bassinger using her taste-buds only, teasing her with everything he can find in the refrigerator, from sugar-sweet maraschino cherries to tongue-scorching jalapeños. But the honey he puts on her outstretched tongue is the icing on the sexual chocolate cake, and turns their sexy game into a real deal romp on the kitchen floor.

 Toast:The Story of a Boy's Hunger by Nigel Slater (b. UK, 1958)
   An autobiography of a British middle class boy living with dull cooking at home and chic menus in his head
    Toast's most convincing argument for the sex appeal of appetizers comes during a scene that takes the idea of "food porn" to a new, smuttier level, and shows Nigel getting naughty under the sheets, with only a cookbook and a flashlight, loudly moaning.


The gangser-mistress scenes from TAMPOPO, 1980

Memorable 1963 film, "Tom Jones"  directed by
Tony Richardson
Based on  novel by Henry Fielding was thwe opening event fof an eaarlyh interst ijn eatin as a sort of foreplay, though

But Toast's most convinving argument for the sex appeal of appetitzers comes during a scene that takes the idea of "food porn" to a new, smuttier level, and shows Nigel getting naughty under the sheets, with only a cookbook and a flashlight, loudly moaning.
(Shanate Cosme

Seduction and Romantic Dinner - Your Mystic Epicurean ...
Lonnie Lynch - 2010 - ‎Cooking
 Food has long been associated with the art of seduction and romance. Eating is the ultimate metaphor for lovemaking. "Like Water for Chocolate Tom Jones 9-'A ...

    This paring of food and pornography becomes more interesting with the rise of the term, kitchen porn, a way of hawking  expensive kitchen designs and kitchen implements. Everything from made-to-order stainless steel oven hoods to artist-created ceramic mixing bowls and professionally custom-designed wall paper.

    Should one feel the need for a good example of porn, scan this passage

Culinary sensuality [suggest 2004 Nov 14,

 Sheryl Van der Leun, “Indecent Exposure; When Did Cookware and Fly-Fishing Go X-Rated?”, The Washington Post, Washington, D.C., page B.05: 

So there I was, perusing the Perfex salt grinders at my local Williams-Sonoma store, when I overheard an excited thirty-something shopper exclaim breathlessly as she walked by the $1,999 Jura-Capresso Impressa S8 Super Automatic Espresso Coffeemaker, "Oh, this is pure kitchen-porn. Get me out of here."

All around us, innocent phrases are being corrupted by wanton use of the porn suffix [sic]. Hitherto untainted language is being flagrantly violated, willfully transformed into lusty euphemisms, lending these words an attribution they neither requested nor deserve. It seems some of us cannot express ourselves -- or at least our passions -- without resorting to porn.

To be a bit more specific: 

Veblen called it "conspicuous consumption," but we might embellish that with:

Acquiring real or imagined personal control] engendered by exclusive, high-priced culinary materials and home kitchen design, that conveys a sense of control and affective experiences in ultra-realistic and highly-charged cooking environments. The practice is pursued in much the same manner as arousing pornographic films [and other sexually explicit visual aids]. In addition to its use as a retail kitchen design medium, the term "kitchen porn" has recently been tagged by the adult porn community that produces films about actors having sex in a kitchen situation.

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                                   The Horizontal Line as an Organizing Element

Robert Irwin     Scrim Veil, Black Rectangle, Natural Light, 1977

Richard Diebenkorn 4th of July 1957

Jo Baer The Minimilist Years 1965 - 75

Kenneth Noland   Little Rogues, 1968

Noland wanted to avoid the effect of a fence. For him the upright configuration concealed a problem deeper than the threat of suggesting landscape. Upright bands and stripes on the picture surface tended to appear as sculptural shapes (pickets, indeed!) applied before or upon a background. By this time Noland was committed to merging figure and ground into an ambiguous, emblematic presence. To accomplish this, he chose horizontal alignment.

Noland's "Stripe" formats were as brilliant as they were simple. By extending shape laterally, horizontal bands took advantage of the tendency of eyes to scan from side to side, and took corresponding advantage of the available width of walls in relation to more confined height. In offering an uninterrupted horizontal surface to eyesight, the horizontal bands reinforced color continuity and repressed shape and solidity. The optical replaced the sculptural.

The suggestion of landscape wasn't overcome so much as it was raised to a common area of perception. The "Stripes" don't really resemble landscape, yet one responds to them as one might to an extensive view.


Felix Gonzales-Torres Crystal Bridges (installation, wrapped green candy) 1994

Piet Mondrien, Trafalger Square [de Stjil]

Byron  Baldwin  Café, Prague            
Gursky    Dollar Store

Donald Judd Horizontal Wall Works (Progressions 1979 – 80)

Roy Lichtenstein sea and sky

Mark Rothko

Andreas Gursky (b. 1955, Leipzig)  Fictions on the Basis of Life

Andreas Gursky Hauptversammlung I, Diptychon, 2001, White Cube

Salvador Dali    Sacrament of the Last Supper 1955

Chee Wang Ng     Global Rice Bowls (Installation) 2012

Kate Ericson and Mel Ziegler Peas, Carrots, Potatoes, 1994-96

Nicolas de Stael

Claes Oldenburg       Pastry Case I, 1962

Jason Rhoades Fruit Jars 2001

Paul Sign Sardine Fishing, Setting Sun. Sardine Fishing. Adagio. Opus 221 from the series The Sea, The Boats, Concarneau, 1891

Stan’s Café Logo

Raimond Staprans     Oranges

Frank Stella    Luncheon on the Grass [See Monet and Manet]

Andreas Gursky     Dollar Stores

ctor Grippo     Analogy with Potatoes

Chris Jordan      2 Million Plastic Beverage Containers, 2006

Jan Bruegel the Elder    The Great Fish Market, 1603

Christopher Burkett       Blueberries (C print), 1990s

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From: THE ARTIST AT THE TABLE: A Project Citing Food in all the Arts
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Above: Natalia Nesterova, The Last Supper

Nesterova is one of the foremost painters in modern Russia today and a fascinating commentator on the theme of food through decades. She presents in a "primitive style" that only increases her depth of feeling and gustatory strength. Her work spans the Soviet period and continues through Glasnost into her current images. Above: LAST SUPPER

ORDERING LUNCH introduces wit and 

Since 1991, Nesterova has been professor of painting at the Russian Academy of Arts. Since 1988, the artist, for the most part, has lived in the United States. Natalia has participated in more than sixty individual and group exhibitions at home and abroad. 


                                              A DOZEN OYSTERS, a riff on a 17-18th century theme

                              PREPARING THE FISH, 1993

                                 EATEN GRAPES              

                                      THE MASKS ELICIT NO HUMOR. THEY ARE SINISTER

EAT and Other Suggestions

The Artist at the Table  []

                                                                     foodlit art

                               EAT (and other SUGGESTIONS)


Ungerer, Tomi  (b. Jean-Thomas Ungerer, Strasbourg, France, 1931) (statue of liberty, cramming down the throat, masturbation), 1967
The artist frequently creates images of sexual, pornographic, political nature.

Illustrator Tomi Ungerer’s best-known radical protest poster, this print was first made in 1967 in response to the Vietnam War. Quintessential of the artist’s boldly etched caricature style and acerbic satire, it features a white person’s arm emblazoned with the word “EAT” shoving the Statue of Liberty into the mouth of a yellow man with slanted eyes—a violent visualization of America forcing its ideals on the Vietnamese people. 

Illustrator Tomi Ungerer’s best-known radical protest poster, this print was first made in 1967 in response to the Vietnam War. Quintessential of the artist’s boldly etched caricature style and acerbic satire, it features a white person’s arm emblazoned with the word “EAT” shoving the Statue of Liberty into the mouth of a yellow man with slanted eyes—a violent visualization of America forcing its ideals on the Vietnamese people. 

Johns, Jasper  (b. Augusta, GA, 1930)  Drink More, 1964

Cottingham, Robert  (b. 1935 Brooklyn, NY)  EAT

Holzer, Jenny  (American, b. 1950), Survival: Put Food Out in the Same Place Every Day and Talk to the People Who Come to Eat and Organize Them, 1983-1985, foil stamping on cloth, Museum purchase. (93.3.3)

By Kim Hugo | Published March 13, 2012 | Full size is 640 × 400 pixels

Leonard, Zoe (b. Liberty, NY, 1961) Goats, Lamb ,Veal

Warhol, Andy   film, EAT, 1964 {"The very American task of eating a hamburger,"0

Robert Indiana eats a  


FILM: Eat (1963) - IMDb

Directed by Andy Warhol. With Robert Indiana. A man eats a single mushroom very, very slowly for the duration of the film. He is filmed (mostly in focus) with a ...

commercial metal sign  (email -

Burchfield  Charles Ephraim (b.Ashtabula Harbor, Ohio 1893-  Eating Place” 20th cent
  Winter Scene

EAT ART/ ART IN FOOD, EXHIBIT, Stuttgart, Germany,  2010-2011
Image result for art images with "EAT"

EAT ART EXHIBIT (Stuttgart, Gemany)  potato pancakes
It is made of Kartoffelpuffer (German potato pancakes) which were then painstakingly nailed to the wall.  If the pancake broke, which they often did, they used a new one and tried again.  It took about 2 days to nail all the potato pancakes to the wall.


Fallen Fruit is an art collaboration originally conceived in 2004 by David Burns, Matias Viegener and Austin Young. Since 2013, David and Austin have continued the collaborative work. Fallen Fruit began by mapping fruit trees growing on or over public property in Los Angeles.
We consider fruit to be many things: a subject, an object, and a symbol. Fruit often triggers a childhood memory; it’s emotional, familiar to most everyone on the planet. Everyone has a fruit story, a recollection of eating their first banana, or fig. Many of these are linked to place and family, and many echo a sense of connection with something very primal.
Collier, James   photographer Fresno, CA
The second component of EAT ART – ART IN FOOD will be an exhibition of James Collier’s photography. Collier’s photography is an exploration of community, as experienced through the food and cultures therein.


The idea of food as art started in the 1960s with Swiss artist Dieter Roth who would put the remnants of dinner just as they left on the wall such as the one above which you can see at the Eat Art show.  He also liked to use molds of various parts of his body (I’ll let you use your imagination) and serve food in these molds.

Indiana, Robert, Eat Series, 1964

Image result for art images with "EAT"

FROM  An installation of polaroids taken by Philip-Lorca diCorcia

Robert Indiana electric EAT sign

from Exhibitions, EAT ART Joseph Beuys

Eat My Globe
Simon Majumdar, geboren 1964, ist Brite indischer Abstammung und leidenschaftlicher Gourmet
Simon Majumdar: Eat My Globe, Buch

Eat with Fork  (undetermined artist)

Buch, Simon (b. Denmark, 1983) Eat Me


Fabien Castanier Gallery is proud to present the first show of the New Year, All You Can Eat, solo exhibition by Tilt. Recognized internationally as a traditionally graffiti artist, Tilt began as a youth on the streets and train cars of Toulouse, France. Developing his love for graffiti in the 1980s, he perfected his artistic practice to reflect his growing love of this mode of expression. A self-declared “graffiti fetishist,” Tilt has traveled the globe to spread his vision.

January 19 – February 17, 2013
Opening Reception | Saturday January 19th 7-10pm
Fabien Castanier Gallery is proud to present All You Can Eat, solo exhibition by Tilt. All You Can Eat will exhibit new work by Tilt, including paintings, works on paper, installations, and sculpture. In his signature bubble-letter style, Tilt serves up the quintessential American feast. He has always played with the conceptual and literal application of words, and for All You Can Eat, his evocation of the “throw-up” aesthetic is no exception. Both a reflection of the American appetite and a commentary on consumption habits in general, his work uses the instantly recognizable iconography of classic American foods to present the stereotypical over-indulgent lifestyle.

Tilt Solo Exhibition | All You Can Eat Jan 19 - Feb 17

LOKI  Eat Me Drink Me series