Saturday, October 31, 2009

Duane Jones, PhD

OK, this is stretching it but it is about FOOD (They ate their victims, right?).

Yes, tonight is October 31, Halloween and I am watching, as usual, "The Night of the Living Dead," a 1968 film directed by George A. Romero "

The tall, confident, resourceful lead actor was "Ben," played by a PhD, a former professor and a director at the old McGuire Theater on the Westbury, Long Island Campus. Duane Jones was born in NYC, 1936 and died in 1988. He did a few other gigs in horror films. He was educated, in part, at Colleges in Bermuda and Nova Scotia, but there is nothing in the Internet that clarifies graduate school.

So. who cares?

Well, I do, and I would like to have known him and know more about him.

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