Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Watcha Looking For?

Tiravanija Rirkrit (b. Thailand, 1961) Let Them Eat Mussels, 2007 [Conceptual Installation Art]

Dear Visitor to
This blog started out as a book manuscript. Then my editor got tired, retired, fired or desired, because she had a baby and left the press that had first sought me out.

Okay, so then I began thinking Harry N. Abrams, Taschen, Farrar-Straus and Giroux, Rizzoli, and finally, the university presses (including my alma mater). Not interested.

Meanwhile, University of Wisconsin art historian Kenneth Bindiner has come out with a very appealing and informative survey, Food in Painting from the Renaissance through the 20th century (Reaktion Books Ltd, 2004).

So I'm hawking my wares, so to speak, hoping to capitalize on my idea of emphasizing food images in the arts after 2000 - the twenty-first century. If one looks at food images in painting and film as well as literature, theater, sculpture and Conceptual Art, there is a lot to keep track of.

I get visits from all over the globe - India, Nigeria, Russia, NYC, Savannah, GA, and a lot from Ireland. Where ever your home is, thanks for clicking on my post.

Were you looking for something in the realm of food and art?
Was it a recipe?
Sort of just browsing?
Following up on a particular artist or genre?
Hooked by one of my chapter/post titles (e.g. ephemera, wise guys, orchards)?

I would be most appreciative if you would drop me a line and tell me what you're seeking AND whether or not my blog is helpful.

In other words, would you buy the book?

Thanks and cheers!

Bill Moore 


Below: Sandy Skoglund (b. Quincy, Mass, 1946) Picnic on Wine, 2003

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