Saturday, April 10, 2010

Another Artist from Provence: Paul Cezanne's Picnics

Paul Cezanne (1839-1906) was born in the South of France, in Aix-en-Provence and spent much of his adult life in that region with a view of Mount Sainte-Victoire from his studio at Lauves.
Cezanne's self-portrait, 1875

Paul Cezanne, Luncheon on the Grass, 1870-71 .
Above: This canvas was painted during Cezanne's "Dark Period" (1861-70) and certainly affected by his place in Le Salon des Refuses at The Academie des Beaux Arts, a category of art disdained and deemed unacceptable as decreed by Napoleon III in 1863.

In his landscapes there, Cezanne's interpretations moved from Post-Impressionism to Cubism, intimations of which can be seen in his lithograph below, 1898.

Below: Paul Cezanne, Dejeuner sur l'herbe (Orangerie), 1876.
His painting with this title comes twenty years after the first ones by Manet and Monet.

Paul Cezanne, The Picnic (Lithograph), 1898

Below: An elderly Cezanne at his studio near Aix-en-Provence

Below: One of Cezanne's final paintings, Les Grandes Baigneurs [The Large Bathers], 1906, continuing his interest of figures in a landscape.

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