Saturday, June 19, 2010

MUST SEE Art Films without FOOD

Andy Goldsworthy (b. 1956, Scotland), Icicles in Wall,
Rivers and Tides (2003) directed by Thomas Riedelsheimer. An absorbing and colorful documentary of the outdoor art of sculptor Andy Goldsworthy

He creates most unusual aesthetic (and clearly ephemeral) organic forms, using water and ice, twigs and driftwood, dirt and snow, crushed rock and driftwood. Yellow flowers stuffed into a natural water-eroded rock hole. A cone-shaped stone cairn built as a gift to the incoming ocean tide, show in comparison with another stone cairn slowly encirlced through the seasons by snow and wild flowers. Halos constructed from nearly melted icicles.
Laboring for hours in often bitter cold weather, the artist seeks to show and to experience the energy and transitory quality of nature [1 hour 30 minutes].

Russian Ark (2002), directed by Alexander Sokurov with director of photography, Tilman Buttner, who makes the film in a single, long shot after three previous and unsuccessful tries. The story covers the three hundred years of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia, narrated by a sometimes ghost [96 minutes].

A Dream of Wilds Horses (1960), a partly hallucinatory and partly real filming of horses cavorting in water and fire in the Camarugue district of France. From the Educational Media Collection. See risimiki @u. [22 minutes].

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