Sunday, July 25, 2010

American Sculpted Snacks -- 45 Years Apart

A Food Lover's Guide to the Arts

Claes Oldenburg [b. Sweden, 1929] Two Cheeseburgers with Everything, 1962. Swedish sculptor, installation art, soft sculpture.

Right: Oldenburg and wife, Loosje van Bruggen (b. Netherlands, 1942-2009)

Sylvia Fleury, 2002
Sylvia Fleury [b. Geneva, Switzerland, 1961] Milkshake Powder cafe au Lait, 2007

Fleury was born the year before Oldenburg made his Floorburger. As a contemporary sculptor and video artist, she has rendered images of Slimfast packages (1993), a Pontiac engine (1999) and other product-images, taking the Oldenburg message one step further.

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