Monday, October 4, 2010

The Fish Fall in Love (Fearless or Lovers?)

"The Fish Fall in Love" (Maniha Ashegh Mishavand) is a film from 2006 worth recovering and watching.


Issued by the Global Initiative and written/directed by the scholarly Ali Raffi (b. 1938, Isfahan, Iran, PhD in dramatic arts from the Sorbonne), the narrative is a take-off from
Sheherazade, but the woman pursuing the hero cooks him a delicious dish every day instead of spinning a tale to distract him. There are also elements from "The Big Night" (1996) and "Tampopo" (1985).

Trying to make a go of a small cafe (with huge kitchen) perched on a wharf along Iran's coast of the Caspian Sea is one problem.The other is love, matching two old friends from years ago, and for pointed meaning, the fish that they serve are sometimes called "fearless" and sometimes referred to as "lovers."

The Caspian Sea Basin
Note that Iraq lies to the Southwest while the Caspian is farther north. This sea is fed by the Volga, so that makes Iranians and Russians neighbors. Fresh fish, grilled with spices, what a great thing to have in common.

So, we're off to a good start..And after all, how often do we glimpse a picture of contemporary light-hearted Iranian culture?

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