Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lynda Benglis. Just a Few Tid-Bits

Lynda Benglis, Night Sherbet A, 1968 [pigmented polyurethane foam]

Lynda Benglis (b. Lake Charles, LA, 1951) The New York Times reviewed her first exhibit in NY at the Cheim & Reed Gallery and at the New Museum in glowing terms. As to m,ethod, she pours latex and other sticky stuff (mixed with pigments) onto floors, though her art is gooier and broadly spead

. Recently, art critic Roberta Smith said:

It showed her pouring big, bright, irresistible slurps of latex on the floor, making a resolutely abstract installation piece that spoke loud and clear of its own making. Borrowing variously from Abstract Expressionism, Color Field painting, Pop Art and Minimalism in their embrace of process, vivid, physically intrinsic color and nontraditional materials, the poured-latex pieces look these days about as bona-fide Post-Minimalist as you can get (NY Times. Feb 7, 2011)

Like featured here in this blog recently she uses materials lie acrylic paint, bees wax, polyurethane but also metal wall pieces A lotofit looks like brightly colored playdough

Below: Benglis pouring.
Out of hundreds of mostly organic "forms" (or non-forms), I found just two that were FOOD, or, at least named for food.

Below: Pi Tangerine, 1969.2009 [urethane with orange pigment] Size: 29 x 29 x 13 1/2

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