Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fashion Becomes Extreme in Chocolate, Bacon and Other Flavors

May27: an addendum:

Bethanie Matttek-Sands, tennis pro, age 26:

"I don't know that I would be able to play in a meat dress or anything," she said, smiling with this reply to what extreme she would go to appear in an eye-catching costume on the courts.

Raw Meat?

Weeks after I composed this posting on extreme fashion [April 3], I picked up the NY Times and read about the rising skills and eye-catching tennis costumes of American Mattek-Sands, the 34 seed at the French Open Tennis Tournament, Paris, May 2011. This up-and-coming pro, aged 25 and ranked
34 in the world, and eager to be recognized, both for colorfuil outfits and here crisp, two-handed backhand strokes.

And, she likes Starbucks coffee and Krispy Kreme donuts! What's not to applaud?

So, Why is Art Always Ahead of Fashion?

Pinar Yocan, Perishables, 2005. A vest of raw chicken skin.

Artist: Gabriela Rivera, 2005 "Art too harsh for the art crowd:

Gabriela Rivera's video forms part of a controversial exhibition at Santiago's Sala Juan Egenau gallery.

She said: "My work is a metaphor for the relationship that people have with themselves every day when they look in the mirror."

The exhibition also includes videos of women urinating in the street and smashing boiled eggs with their hands.

Las Ultimas Notician reports that many visitors have complained that they found it disgusting

I could not resist this tidbit from the Wall Street Journal:

And then the fashion business:

When designing a dress out of chocolate, there are certain things to keep in mind, says Joelle Mahoney, who created a ruffled dark- and white-chocolate mini-dress worn by a model strutting down the runway at a fall trade show in New York.

Born in France, JoĆ«lle became a part of the family’s meal preparation and holiday planning team at an early age. She is a member of the Chocolate Life Club.

There was always a reason to bake something new. Starting with New Years Day, followed by The Three Kings Day, birthdays, anniversaries, Bastille Day, flower festival days, and on and on. Before you knew it, Christmas had come again. Always a reason to celebrate and always starting off in the kitchen! This is where both native talent and early training, combined to fire a passion for pastry and confectionery art.

Gold Medal Winner

Best in Show
November 2010
Societe Culinaire Philanthropique
NYC – Jacob Javits Convention Center.

And finally, Sarah Tell, Papio Bowl, Gaga Look-Alike Contest

Her advice:

"Try to keep the chocolate away from the armpit area," advises Ms. Mahoney, a self-described "chocolate artist."

Lady Gaga made headlines for her meat dress at the MTV Awards. But she's not the only one showing off food as fashion. Recent images in everything from art to advertisements are featuring octopus hats, waffle pants and fruit jewelry. Wall Street Journal's Kelsey Hubbard fills us in on the trend.

Article Image

Sarah Tiell, seen here at Papio Bowl in her homemade “meat dress,” is the winner of our Lady Gaga look-alike contest. The 21-year-old nursing student has VIP tickets to tonight’s Omaha show and hopes to be in the front row. All photos by REBECCA S. GRATZ/THE WORLD-HERALD

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