Monday, February 20, 2012

Tuna Smoothies & Bear Essentials

FOOD CARTOONS & COMIC STRIPS on Monday, February 2012

Art, Literature and Eating, or


     Wiley's Miller comic  strip, "Non-Sequitur" has appeared here many times. It is satire so sardonic about the world today, juxtaposing humanity, habits, and animals and their common interests, especially FOOD!  He was born in Burbank, CA, in 1951.

"Today's businessman special at the Bear Essentials Cafe:
Catch of the day."


Darby Conley (b. Concord, MA, 1970) is the artist and creator of "Get Fuzzy."

     This witty comic balances on the use of language.The strip focuses largely upon two rival pets: Bucky, a cat and a dog,
Satchel. The cat, of course, is conniving, inventive and competitive, but unabashedly ignorant.  The Dog. always friendly but also Bucky's foil, is naive and given to literal meanings.. .
      In the past few days (February 2010), Bucky Cat is making smoothies with fish, to his cat-taste.  Satchel Pooch, as usual, is trying to keep up with Bucky.

"You're putting fruit into your famous tuna smoothy?" 
"This fish is a Roughy."
"Just push the  button some more. It'll get smoothy."

And it goes on and on

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