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Who in heck was George Corbit?

George Corbit, Picnic, 1935

There are so many "minor" but note-worthy American artists who are ignored or little-recognized. On view here is George Cecil Corbit.
Consider the artist's conscious structure of his two couples - situated in a parenthesis of trees, with healthy bodies rather like the Mexican artist Diego Rivera and the WPA muralists.

For comparaison , see the following picnics of the 1930s inAmerica:

George Corbit (1892 - 1944)

George Cecil Corbit first enlisted in the Michigan National Guard in 1916. At Fort Custer, Michigan he served on the Texas Border against (Frank) Pancho Villa. He was then sent to France during WW1. As a Sergeant in the 32 Infantry Division, he was wounded at Sousons, France. Following he spent years in V.A hospitals, due to a severe wound in his hip (Shell Fragments).

Corbit studied art and sculpting in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Michigan. Later he moved to California. 

He studied art there with Charles Reiffel and Otto Schneider. Eventually cancer took over in the wound he received in WW1, this caused him more years of suffering and led to his untimely death on Sept. 2, 1944.

These two images are the only ones I find online.  Leads to other paintings or sculpture would be appreciated [].

Member: San Diego Art Guild; Studio 8, Spanish Village (San Diego). Exhibits: San Diego FA Society, 1930, 1932,1939 (prize); Calif. Pacific Int'l Expo, 1935; OGlE, 1939; Oakland Art Gallery, 1940 Calif. State Fair, 1941; San Diego Art Guild, 1949 (memorial). CA&A; DR.

George Cecil Corbit, Dusky Fisherman, n.d.
"Dusky" is an old racial slur for African American. The fisherman struggles with a cask, perhaps water, and his boat lies askew against a simple, very modern horizon.  Corbit's style fits in with the painters of his time -husky and physical  with elements of Cubism.

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