Thursday, March 1, 2012

Who Would We Be ...

Who would we be today without

Fluellen’s leeks and Jack Nicholson’s chicken salad sandwich / Renoir’s Boating Party and Breugel’s wedding /Beuys’ blood sausage and Stella’s Aiolio/Babette’s Cailles en Sarcophage and Tiny Tim’s Christmas goose / the eggs: Cool Hand Luke’s hard boiled and James Bond’s fried with a rasher of bacon / Charlie Chaplin’s shoe and Janine Atoni’s, Gnaw/ Claes Oldenburg’s French Fries and Segal’s Diner / Bearden’s Fish Fry and Ramos’ Candy / Hemingway’s oysters and Capote’s fruit cake /J. S. Bach’s Kaffee-Kantata and Stuart Davis’ Percolator/ Amy Tan’s steamed crabs and Sembene Ousmane’s slaughtered goat /Graham Greene’s rock candy and James Clavell’s rats/ Chardin’s Skate and Cézanne’s oranges /Tom Jones’ chops and Robert Indiana’s EAT/  Marsden Hartley’s Fishermen and Luigi Lucioni’s Pears with Pewter / Edward Weston’s Pepper and Matisse’s oranges / Popeye’s spinach and Wimpey’s hamburgers /Café Momas by Puccini and Maxim’s by Karnow and Brassai/ Tampopo’s noodles and Esquirel’s onions /Louis Lozowick’s Breakfast and Tom Kuczenski’s Ideal Diner /the refrigerators of Lichtenstein,  Wesselmann,and Clive Barker/ Hirst’s pills and Maire’s absinthe/coffee and a jelly roll from Bessie Smith and Clara Smith / Warhol’s soup and Thiebaud’s pastries /Canaday's vitriol and Kimmelman's smooothness/ Steve Peley’s Coke and Wang Guanyi’s Pepsi – Wayne Thiebaud’s Candy Apples and Ray Kleinlein’s Knob Hill – Karl Knaths’ Clamdiggers and Paul Henry’s Potato Digger -  Arnold Kramer’s Shacking Hay and Milton Avery’s Harvest – Robert Indiana’s Eat/Die and Lawrence Weiner’s Apples and Eggs – Berenice Abbott's McSorley’s and John Sloan’s Ale House – Roberta Smith and Holland Cotter's rare coverage/Acrimboldi’s Seasons and Ingrid Falk’s Picnic with Fish and Ribbon - Primo’s commitment and Segundo’s imagination.

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