Friday, April 6, 2012

Lucien Labaudt and HIs WPA Murals

Lucien Labaudt was one of America's leading WPA mural painters and has long been favorably compared to Mexican artist, Diego Rivera. Lucien Adolphe Labaudt (1880 - 1943), a native of France, studied in England before coming to the United States in 1910.

 He was one of 26 artists to paint frescoes in San Francisco's Coit Tower and other locales under the WPA arts project. He also completed murals at George Washington High School (1936) and the Beach Chalet (1936-7), both in San Francisco.

 During World War II he went to Asia as an artist-correspondent, and was killed in a plane crash enroute to China from India.

Lucien Labaudt, Picnic at Baker's Beach, San Francisco,  1936-37
 (WPA Mural, preserved at Ocean Beach Chalet)

Lucien Labaudt,  Picnic at Miles' Rocks, Ocean Beach, San Francisco, ,1936-37 (WPA Mural,preserved at Ocean Beach Chalet, San Francisco, CA) 

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