Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Action or image?\ The fish or the fisherman?
Among the artists, has this selecton  or views varied over the centuries? 
Ancient mosaics seem to dwell on the fish, as sfood and metaphor. Masden hatlly loved New England and found a view everyehere, sometimes afamily and sometimes meely a glimpse of the sea

Fisherman Image on Plate, Eastern Mediterranean, 500 BCE

Alta Norway Rock painting Boat and Net Approx 5000 years ago (3000bce)

Maine Lobsterman

Drew Christie Seattle WA artist   Maine Lobsterman

 Israel Mosaics 

Geo Henry ADams England) Shrim pf Savannah River 1865

Aivazovsky, Ivan 42 - Russian (1817-1900)  Fishermen on the Shore

Aivazovsky, Ivan 42 - Russian (1817-1900)

Fishermenon he Sshore Russiab

Charales Webster Hawthore  Provencetown Fisherman 1915

Provincetown Fisherman

Armen Hansen Fishing Life 1924

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