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Silly Food, Silly Walk, Silly Art

Or, not silly at All!

Salvador Dali (1904-1989), Boiled Beans ]Soft Construction]: Premonitions of Civil War, 1936

And now something completely different:

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   "The maître D speaks with Mr. Creosote"
[from Monty Python's The Meaning of Life]

Maître d', played by John Cleese:
Maître d' Ah, good afternoon, sir; and how are we today?
Mr. Creosote   Better.
Maître d' Better?
Mr. Creosote Better get a bucket, I'm gonna throw up.

In the 1970s, British humor was at an all-time high.  Monty Python
capers, "The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perron" (Leonrd Rossiter, 1976-79)), John Cleese as the Minister of Silly Walks and "Silly Voices at the Police Station, (1970s), and the admonition from a British officer, "Stop  that! It's silly!"

William Wegman, Chef Dog

and Dog with Lettuce, 1982

But "silly" for the Brits has ancient roots. Here, from the 19th century, is Edward Lear (1812-1888), a literary figure, illustrator ,artist, friend of artists, and sickly wanderer abroad, An elder Ogden Nash or Robert Benchley, if you will.  Lear is best remembered for his poem, "The Owl and the Pussy Cat" but  here is another

Sketch For Corpulent Carp Poem By Edward Lear

A Corpulent Carp By Edward Lear

There was once a corpulent carp
Who wanted to play on a harp;
  But to his chagrin
  so short was his fin,
He couldn’t reach up to C sharp.

Silly Recipe: To Make Gosky Patties:

Take a Pig, three or four years of age, and tie him by the off-hind leg to a post. Place 5 pounds of currants, 3 of sugar, 2 pecks of peas, 18 roast chestnuts, a candle, and six bushels of turnips, within his reach; if he eats these, constantly provide him with more.

Then procure some cream, some slices of Cheshire cheese, four quires of foolscap paper, and a packet of black pins. Work the whole into a paste, and spread it out to dry on a sheet of clean brown water- proof linen.

When the paste is perfectly dry, but not before, proceed to beat the Pig violently, with the handle of a large broom. If he squeals, beat him again.

Visit the paste and beat the Pig alternately for some days, and ascertain if at the end of that period the whole is about to turn into Gosky Patties.

If it does not then, it never will; and in that case the Pig may be let loose, and the whole process may be considered as finished. 
Nonsense Cookery

Edward Lear, English artist, writer; known for his 'literary nonsense' & limericks  (1812-1888)


From Monte Wooley IV, Avantgard, East Carolina, US of A!  Mar 20, 2004
When I was last in Atkasuk, Alaska, we camped for several weeks along the Meade River and grew quite used to preparing and eating frozen Woolly Mammoth, thusly:

  How to Make Elephant Stew:

1 Elephant
10 Warthog
100 kilogram tomatoes
half ton potatoes
2 bags onions
100 kilogram salt
1 wheelbarrow onions (heaped)
10 liter vinegar
20 liter chutney
4 Guineafowl
Hunt the elephant, warthog and guineafowl. Hang guineafowl to ripen. Cut elephant into edible chunks, (will take about a month). Boil the warthog with other ingredients (except guineafowl) till nice and juicy. Now boil elephant chunks over high flames till tender. (will take about 4 weeks) and add everything together. Boil for another 5 to 7 days.
Produces about 3,500 helpings.


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