Sunday, June 24, 2012

Benny Bufano

Sadly, we have returned from California. But we did, in fact, eat at some of the spots I mentioned in May, but Timber Cove was  absolutely stunning and we found there  some work by an old acquaintance from San Francisco's North Beach, Benny Bufano. Few today remember him. I always felt that his work was honest;y modernist, strong and aesthetically clear.

Bufano, 1898-1970

Bufano's Peace Obelisk  (as a US Postal Stamp) 

  Below: Timber Cove Point (1962

Air-view of Bufano's obelisk

Below: One of Bufano's better-known pieces, St Francis of Assisi, San Francisco, ca 1960s

Dining at Timber Cove Inn overlooking the Pacific


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