Saturday, July 28, 2012

Robert C. Jackson: The Food Artist

If you like Oreos, you'll love Robert C. Jackson
Below: Might Need More

Robert C. Jackson is one of my favorite food image artists.  He is easily available online and here is a link to a time-lapse video that shows how he created "The Feast. 2012.

Realism presented in bright, festive color that seems to emphasize fun and especially children's fun!  Markedly 3-dimensional, Jackson presents images  of food or their containers,usually with wry titles.

Below: Ivory Tower

Below: Embarrassed

See his work at and do NOT miss one of his most rec
ent"Waiting for the Cookie to Crumble," 2012, oil

If you feel that art is sharing, consider Torres-Gonzalez

Felix Torres-Gonzalez  Corner of Baci,1990

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