Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Delicatessen, 1991

      A 1991 French film, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro, stars Dominique Pinon and Karin Viard. 

Dominique Pinon is a French actor. Pinon was born in Saumur, France. His most famous roles have been in the films of Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Jean-Jacques Beineix. 
Born: March 4, 1955 (age 57), Saumur

    The action unfolds in what seems to be a ruined, post-apocalypsic world where money has been replaced by grain which the surface-dwellers (and avid meat-eaters) use as a medium of exchange. Below, in the town's tunnels, the Troglodyte's, in a sewer water world, wearing primitive wet suits and miners' lamps, seek to penetrate the grain store houses. for they are vegetarians. And the "enemy."

The surface dwellers, it soon becomes apparent, are murdering one another and practicing a polite cannibalism. However, it is all carried out through the town butcher, so it seems normal. Almost.

An outsider, an Australian clown appears as nimble, wonderful and as good-hearted and clever as Harold Lloyd or even Buster Keaton.  While all this seems to be as bloody and violent, it is not. The satire is too evident. Anyway, Pinon, as the clown, gets the girl, Karen Viard.

NOTE; For other films involving "polite" cannibalism, see Hannible Lecter and
Fried Green Tomatoes, all on a list by Pepper Baggins:Cannibalism in Movies by Pepper Baggins created 05 Dec 2010 

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