Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Help and Mr. Kipling, 1939

A rare find in the research library of the Minnesota Historical Society, St.Paul MN, I came across this illustrated milling publication by chance and noted the cant of the message

This illustrated article from the Northwest Miller newsletter, vol 197. 4:2, 1939
is a cleverly contrived advertisement, citing a poem from British poet Rudyard Kipling (b. Bombay, 1865, Nobel Prize, 1907), popular at that time: The Ladies", from Barrack-Room Ballads, 1892, 1896.

The full text is available at  [See also, The Female of the Species, 1911]

Expressing thoughts about a wealthy couple (left), the ad says:

Ardent believers in democracy, we still don't agree that "the Colonel's Lady an' Judy O Grady are sisters under their skins." Novadel (a wheat bleaching product) cannot conceal the inferiority of a poor what or inadequate milling.

The ad goes on to say

: But - long experience has proved that Novadel
as an essential milling process, can and does lift the mask of high color from a quality flour, to disclose an intrinsic beauty of brilliant whiteness.


Even fine clothes wouldn't help Judy O'Grady (an Irish cook) look as good as madam does!

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