Friday, July 5, 2013

Another Imaginative "good humor man": Tony Carrillo

Tony Carrillo's comic strip, F Minus (July 5, 2013)

(b. Tempe, Arizona, DOB?)

F Minus
Carrillo wins a top spot as a "good humor man," a designation I have used to
focus on comic artists who create food-related art.


Biography: Former pizza chef and waiter, Carrillo's F Minus began at Arizona State University in 2002 and was recognized in 2004 as the winner of the 2004 MTVu Strips Contest, chosen by judges Scott Adams of Dilbert and David Rees of Get Your War On and 200,000 online voters. His paperback book, F Minus, was published in 2007 and a second book, This Can't Be Legal came out in 2009.

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