Wednesday, November 6, 2013

An American 9 1/2 Weeks and French Sensuality


9 1/2 weeks and the sensual and FOOD films of GERARD DEPARDIEU

 The Count of Monte Cristo food scenes and anItalian butler/chef

1998NR2 discsGĂ©rard Depardieu stars as the French sailor Edmond Dantes in thisDepaardue
perfet grays in minilomalis apartment white cube like agallkery
I like bread and butter, I like tost and jam

ice drfizzled onher breasts and run doiwn to her nvael and butter, I  like toastg and jam

reminfs us of a gangsta bit in TAMOPO
I got homre one weeke d she was eating wih some otht guy

Mickey Rouirk's perpetual smsirl supposely a knowing smiole, a bit too focused and bit toodevoted, I'll undress you at night  I will bathe ou  always politre asnd caring , een if treassing

buys clothinbg:aren't yugoing to ske me hoiw IK like itg?

increddby sensusos giftgs lace gbras etgc

the fea andsuspense oa ghieght  feeeristrwheel or making love on a

a patient smir nevethelss BA  a aroof tolp   a slave to love

wityh all thijs"caring"ne doesn s'tg gty to know him

muterd grey igtertior no sum

I love qwall treet thje grahy flannelsuikts shinehy shoee

she appers in a man's tx an d thneyu sdeat llike a fr enc absinth ad
raw egggs into her       cxrotcxh and d  down her liefs

coset a dozen suitgs all the same allwhiuer shirt the sae

guilt trips
contrtol freak

intensssssisfied by gang chasisng an d a caat paicking upfrsf moser

she so responds o noveloty and love imn a ranhy ally

stalimg a mervkladdd

heading totowarfs s and m

take off yur c;o;thes  ralll slow   song  strip tease for hoim with whiter grterrt belts song: you can leave yourf hat on

her lovely profile in a kandidnksyu chair

so many games! and she is the puppetg or toy

lurs or ticks her intgp lesbian   ieventg at hotel blndffo.ded

what was it llike to be out of conbtrol Eliz>

sensuality                                   an ber huirtful

there's beenlotgs of otghergirls but aihave nverfeltllike this before

lotsof crows shts sisns whichshe is barely visible

anger punishemtna dn drape with vvviolence bujt passsionbw hich she fels andhug him

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