Monday, November 25, 2013

A Truly Great Libation, with a Frozen Glass., of Course.

hendricks gin

     I read my first James Bond thriller while driving cross country during the summer of 1965. I cannot remember the specific title, but I was immediately taken with the care that Ian Flemming employed  to flesh-out the gustatory life of his hero, 007.
    One must pay attention to Commander Bond's breakfasts (bacon, eggs, strong black coffee, and marmalade and toast), and his preference for Georgia Sea Island shirts.


 And recent films starring by Daniel Craig make almost clear the recipe for his "Vesper," which, besides 3 shots of Hendricks, includes a shot of good vodka.

 I suggest the Ketel 1, Grey Goose, Russkii Standart or Cold River River, a new-comer with good reviews from one of my favorite drinking partners, T. W Roberts, whose prodigious interest (and abilities) in libations stretches from San Francisco to London, Berlin and Beijing.

                                                                Cold River - The Spirit of Maine
So ... almost clear?  Right.

 But the biggest mistake made by would-be martini mixers is the use of a room-temperature glass. Shame! Dolt! A pox on ye!

Put that glass - a large champagne glass is best or simply buy large martini glasses (mine are 4 3/4 inch circumference - IN THE FREEZER, WELL BEFORE COCKTAIL TIME.  Mine are set in the freezer door shelf around the clock. And DO NOT use slush or crushed ice. The secret to a cold and undiluted martini is the ICE CUBE.  Okey dokey?

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