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WOW! A Great Food/Art Source: Bovino's Food Graffiti in NYC and Elsewhere

Apocalypse Soup


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The Mission of graffEATiNYC By ARTHUR BOVINO
Pub­lished: August 3, 2010

 New York­ers are food crazed. But this pas­sion for food– recipes, hotspots, the next trend– isn’t lim­ited to cook­books, blogs, or even the plate. Amble down any East Vil­lage street. Walk over the three bridges down­town. Visit SoHo, Williams­burg, Harlem, any neigh­bor­hood, and exam­ine the graf­fiti. Street artists are just as obsessed with food as every­one else. graffEATinyc.com is a food graf­fiti pho­tog­ra­phy project that started doc­u­ment­ing food tags in New York in March 2009.
Food tags are every­where, on walls, gates, and bridges. Katsu, Mayo, Ice, Candy, Ribs, Mint, Soup, Pork, Pasta, and Knish, just to name a few. They’re painted, scrib­bled, and writ­ten on stick­ers. On lamp­posts, mail­boxes, and scaf­fold­ing. In alleys, sub­ways, side­ streets and avenues. And not just tags. Graf­fiti images of food too. Drum­sticks, hot dogs, cup­cakes, and cham­pagne flutes. Sub­jects aren’t lim­ited to the plate (e.g., Chef­pants and Fork), and often depict food-related acts, and descrip­tions (e.g., Chomp and Dieter). Links between food and graff go way back.

Thanks, Arthur Bovino!!!


      Currently, Arthur is senior editor and a contributing writer for a national food site, The Daily Meal. He is an experienced travel writer. From May 2009 to September 2010 Arthur was the senior editor, lead writer and photographer for Always Hungry NY, a James Beard Award-nominated daily food blog and restaurant search engine acquired by The Daily Meal.

Graffiti artist "Skeme"


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