Saturday, November 9, 2013

Kathleen Carricaburu's Art: The Magic of Silver and Imagination

                                  The Artist at the Table (in preparation)

 Salt Cellar

     Surely, this striking image might be called a still life, but the objet d'art is the saltcellar on the right. It is one of many pieces of silver, jewelry  by Kathleen Carricaburu (b.Salt Lake City, Utah, n.d).  Her magic can be found at‎+  where she explains:

"The combination of component items in each work creates their vividness as symbols from their possibility of resonance in another world. Most of the power of the object is invested with an intimate and ongoing meaning.
In addition I present these curiosities in the psychological space of the human body in a photographic tintype. As the object is brought into the space of the body it becomes part of the subjective realm of the self."

The book above is, as we see, about the life of Benvenuto Cellini (b.Florence, 1500-1571), the Italian goldsmith, sculptor, draftsman, soldier and musician, who also wrote a famous autobiography. He was one of the most important artists of Mannerism. 

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