Friday, January 3, 2014

Lunch Box

Photo:  Ebbets, Charles C.(1905-1978) Skyscraper Lunch, circa 1932

Film: The Lunch Box (2013), directed by Retesh Batra

    A good tale and a light, nuanced love story, floating on the surface of a clear picture of Indian urban professional life in Mumbai. Everything in the plot or, nearly everything, is connected to Dabbawalla,  an Indian system of lunch delivery by hand, by bicycle, by bus. right to the desk of a hungry salary man. Sometimes the delivery men are called 'Tiffin," from the English slang term, tiffing (to sip). Wikipedia

It's the way a (spoiled) man gets to eat home-cooked food.


 Diner: The Lunch Box Diner,
            906 Eastern Ave, Malden, MA 02148
           (781) 321-2708
            circa 1932

Japanese Lunch Box

Japanese soldiers preparing food before their next battle.circa 1943

Lunch in the Canadian Trenches, 1916

 Romare Bearden, The Millworker's Lunch Bucket, 1978

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