Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ethnic Food used-to-be

Back in the 1970s and 1980s,folklorists and anthropologists were busy documenting and writing about ethnic foods as they were embedded in their respective cultural contexts. We used the word foodways in our publications and they included such titles as The Minnesota Ethnic Food Book (Minnesota Historical Society, 1986), Circles of Tradition (Minnesota Historical Society 1989). The Taste of American Place (Roman & Littlefield, 1998), and Ethnic and Regional Foodways of the United States: Performance of Group Identity (University of Tennessee Press, 1984).

These days, I study the fine arts and their many transformations in the media of  visual culture, music, (both popular and classical), literature, film, and photography.
And, happy circumstances allows me to pin point comic strips, particularly because they focus strongly on everyday and everybody's foibles, fantasies,
and food is a major topic.

But today, I am taken back to those ethnic kitchens and church suppers as I read one of Charles Schulz's Peanuts cartoons on

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