Friday, March 28, 2014

Chee Wang Ng, Ai waiwai and other current Avant-Garde Chinese Artists

   Zhang Huan, Meat Suit

Above: Aiwaiwai, Porcelin watermelon,  Sunflower Seeds (installation); Crabs

Cheong Su PiengDrying Salted Fish

Chee Wang Ng  (b.1961, Kuala Lampur, Maylaysia)
Right: Eat Your Fill of Rice
[Chee Wang Ng 吳子雲]

Chee Wang Ng is a Malaysian photographer who was born in 1961.  He has had several gallery and museum exhibitions, including at the  Jersey  city University Galleries.

His video 108 Global Rice Bowls Installation embodies the spiritual essence of Buddhism. Below

Chinese Equilibrium Rice Bowl 2003-05
Chee Wang Ng 吳子雲

Zhang Hong Tu, Long Live Chairman Mao -  Live Chairman Mao

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