Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Food Books for Children's Bedtime: Read 'em or Tell'em

     Along with my favorite Old Black Witch (author Wende and illustrator Harry Devlin, first published in 1966 with superior pictures), I find these two books workable for kids. Based upon my own experiences, I still think that "told tales" (not read tales) are best and bring child and parent closer. A simple perusal of The Folktale Type Index will set you up with plots

Carol A. Losi, Amy Meissner, illustrator;
       Salt and Pepper at the Pike Street Market, West Winds Press, 2004
                                                                            Pike Street Market                                                                           

Adam Rex
      Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich, Harcourt Inc, 2005

You might also be amused with The Charles Addam's Cookbook

Charles Addams' Half-Baked Cookbook: Culinary Cartoons for the Humorously Famished,Simon & Schuster, 2012 



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