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The Images and Uses of Breast Feeding in the Arts

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 Sikorskaia, Magarit    Twins

The Muiliple genrre of


 Virgin Mary "lactans"'breastfeeding Jesus 1784
1784, Thesolonika

With the advent of modernism, sacred virgin and holy family images were re-interpreted, manipulated, and appropriated (in many secular in nature), throughout the 19th century and into the 21st century. See Lempicka, below

Leonardo da Vinci


              HORSEY           CARTOON

  BERNINI, Gian Lorenzo Charity with 4 infants statue (1627-28)                             

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include secton on Butch Dyke moherhood and nusing
Catherine pie .b 1961 USA
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Picasso, Pablo la Guerre et la paix 1952

   Jesus la Madanna Che Allatta ll

Paula Modersohn-Becker (b. Dresden-Friedrichstadt, Germany,1876 -1907) Nursing Mother, 1902


She has become recognized as the first female painter to paint female nudes. Using bold forays into subject matter and chromatic color choices, she and fellow-artists Picasso and Matisse introduced the world to modernism at the start of the twentieth century.

                                                 Nursing Mother, 1902
Modersohn-Becker: Nursing Mother, 1906
Breastfeeding, by Tamara de Lempicka, 1898 - 1980

Vicente Manansala (cubist painter b. 1910, Macabebe, Pampagana, Philipines – 1981) 

Image result for tamara Lempicka breast
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 Sikorskaia, Magarit

 Lange, Dorothea (b. Hoboken, NJ - 1965, aka Dorothea Margargetta Nutzhorn – died 1965), Florence Thompson, Migrant Mother, 1936

Nandi, Partha, Sarathi  Breastfeeding (National Geographic

Catherine Opie self portrait- dyke nursing 2004

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Greo-Roman Sculpture, found near Cairo, Egypt. 4th century CE

figure 4 Leonardo daVinci (b. Republic of Florence, Italy, 1452 – 1519),  Madonna and Child, 1490

                                                         Inuit woman nursing

 Breastfeeding in Church, 1871

Daumier, Honore (1808 -1879) Third Class Carriage, 1862-64


    Russia, "Don't forget the breasts!" Poster

The Religious and Secular Sub-genre of Nursing Mothers

Dantsig, Mai Volfovich  Partisan Ballad (*Roman Charity variant),1969

figure 5  Pieter de Hooch (b.Rotterdam, Nethertlands, c.1629 - c.1684) – Nursing Mother, 1674-1676

figure  6
El Greco (b. Candia, Crete, Greece,1541 -1614)  )The Holy Family with St Anne by El Greco (aka Domenikos Theotokopoulos.  His early training as an icon painter influenced his figurative art.

figure 7 “Roman Charity,” a sub-genre based on pre-christian art
Hans Sebald Beham (b. Germany, 1500 – 1550) Pero and Cimon,1544.

DANTSIG 1A Partisan Ballad, 1969

A literary footnote:  John Steinbeck, Grapes of Wrath, 1939, Novel Prize, 1962,
The final scene depicts a young mother, her baby dead, suckling a starving elder of the family.

figure 8
Artist UnknownUGETAWA
Japanese print, 1700s

figure  10  Fine Art Supplement, London, 1874

figure 11  Stanislaw WyspiaƄski (b. Krakow, Austria-Poland,1869 – 1907) Breastfeeding Mother, 1905

figure 12   Artist Unknown, 1930-40s
Artists directed by the National
Socialist Party (Nazi) in Germany depicted motherhood as a national duty

figure 13  Unknown photographer
Chattanooga [Tennessee] bus stop 1943 (WPA photo)


figure 14  Jade BEALL (b, 1979 Tucson Arizona) Breast Feeding as Performance Art

figure 15  Fernando Botero Angulo (born 19 April, 1932) is a figurative artist

Beall is primarily a photographer and a specialist in
                 feminist art. 

Zimbabwe means Great Stone House. It is fitting that stone sculpture is the art that most represents the people of Zimbabwe and one which they have become world-renowned. 

See: n.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_breastfeedingCached

Us This Day Our Daily Bread, 1981

figure 17
Mutongwizo (Zimbabwe) Mother Breast feeding, c.1980s

 figure  16   Jacob Aue Sobol (b. Copenhagen, Denmark, 1976)


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