Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Nobel Prize Winners for Literature


                                          Their menus and tastes

           These authors have demonstrated a role or foods in their work

Thomas Mann in 1929. For Buddenbrooks (1900) with menu

William Faulkner. The Pulitzer Prize in 1955 and 1963. The Nobel Prize in
                              1949 for Sanctuary  (Intruder in the Dust, 1948).             
Ernest Miller Hemingway. Pulitzer in 1953. Nobel in 1954 for The Old Man
                                           and the Sea and narrative skills (For Whom the
                                          Bell Tolls, 1940).

John Steinbeck. The Pulitzer Prize in 1940. The Nobel Prize in 1962 for
                           imaginative and socially sympathetic writing (The Grapes
                           of Wrath, 1939).

Toni Morrison.  The Pulitzer Prize in 1988 and Nobel Prize in 1993
                           for Beloved and general contributions to literature.
                                (Song of Solomon, 1977).

Harold Pinter (b. 1930). Celebration (2000; 2005) Nobel Prize for
                                     Literature 2005. In 1995, Pinter was awarded the David Cohen British Literature Prize for a Lifetime’s achievement in literature. In 1996 he was given the Laurence Olivier Award for  a lifetime’s achievement in theater.

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