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Forks, Knives and Spoons

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Jeffrey Smart Baisden  (1964-1995) Forks and Spoons                                                           
 Jill Townsley Bowl of spoons

Kelley Somer

Jan Groover was born in Plainfield, New Jersey and died in 2012 at Montpon-Ménestérol. Wikipedia
Born: April 24, 1943, Plainfield, NJ

Jan Groover   Untitled , 1980

Ms. Groover to prominence in the late 1970s focused on the everyday implements of the kitchen, arranged in the sink: fork tines, spatulas, butter-knife blades, whorled and scalloped cake pans, shot in such a way as to confound perspective and to transform light into a kind of object itself in the r3flective surfaces.

Still Life, 1981

Untitled, 1980
Untitled, 1981–1981


Untitled, 1978–1978
above: Jan Groover,  Untitled, 1978              

Andre Kertsze  FORK
“The Fork”
4 x 5 inch Contact Silver Print

Signed in pencil on the recto

Printed by Igor Bakht in 1981 from original negative

Portfolio limited to 50 sets
Venice 1400 (British Museum)

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Tacuinum Sanitasis/Eluminur

Knives with sheath

Length: 37.30 cm
Length: 38.50 cm
Length: 23.80 cm
Length: 21.30 cm
Length (sheath): 40.20 cm
M&ME; 1855,12-1,118
Room 40: Medieval Europe (Dijon or Paris, France)

Carving Knives with sheath

Medieval, Knives, about AD 1406; Sheath, about AD 1406-1410
From Dijon or Paris, France

Fred Bell, 2012 Aternoon still  life

Diebenkorn knife in water
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Jasper Johns
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                                                                                                    Gray Painting with Spoon

Katherine Lemke

Kevin Callahan    Fork, KNIFE AND SPOON 2
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 Chaim. Soutine  b. 1893-1943)
Chaïm Soutine was a Russian painter of Belarusian Jewish origin. Soutine made a major contribution to the expressionist movement while living in Paris. Wikipedia
Born: January 13, 1893, Smilavichy, Belarus
Died: August 9, 1943, Paris, France

Still life with hare and forks
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Robert Indiana  Eat with Fork

Diebenkorn, Richard

franz Roh

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Franz Roh (German, 1890–1965) knife, frk, spoonFranz Roh, 1920sImage result for franz roh knife fork spoon

Grfant McCig driftewood spoon s

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